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Meet your mentally ill spirit guides: Zara Barrie & Dayna Troisi.

Addict Shiat girlZ interrupteD

In this ~episode~ of GirlZ, InterrupteD Zara and Dayna talk about ADDICT THINGS that aren't necessarily drugz: $35 dollar overnight shipping, obsession with Reddi Whip (if you know, you know) and so much more!  Stalk us on Instagram for more mentally ill content! @girlzinterruptedmedia  Stalk Zara Barrie on Instagram HERE: @zarabarrie  Stalk Dayna Troisi on Instagram HERE: @daynatroisi 
  1. Addict Shiat
  2. Saying F U to the gatekeepers
  3. Brides On Pills
  4. HATE F*CK
  5. Doses & Mimosas

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