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Meet your mentally ill spirit guides: Zara Barrie & Dayna Troisi.

PROZAC POOP OUT girlZ interrupteD

After our annual BREAK we are BACK and ready to talk about a little phenomenon known as "The Prozac Poop Out." The girlZ in this episode wax poetic about everything from antidepressants suddenly deciding to STOP working, big changes lingering ahead in love and life, money mental illness and so much more.  Follow the girlZ on Instagram: @girlzinterruptedmedia  Follow Zara Barrie on Instagram: @zarabarrie  Follow Dayna Troisi on Instagram: @daynatroisi  For more mentally ill content head to girlzinterruptedmedia.com   
  2. 47. Getting Down & Dirty Dayna Troisi (SOLO EPISODE!)
  3. Nothing Went According To Plan & I'm Rethinking My Whole Life: A Solo Episode with Zara
  4. EPISODE 45: When I Think About SHOWGIRLS & SLIME — I Touch Myself.
  5. Salami Nipples & Other Suburban Trauma Dramas

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