Write From Your Spleen: A Workshop

I’m thrilled to announce that after publishing thousands of essays for a plethora of publications, serving as a senior writer and executive editor for two magazines, signing as a writer with the Creative Artists Agency, and receiving the most heart-warming critical acclaim for my newly released book: GIRL, STOP PASSING OUT IN YOUR MAKEUP — I’ve decided to pursue one of my greatest passions: Teaching. Writing, specifically. (I used to be an acting teacher and theatre director!).

Check out this video all about my workshop, shot and edited by the greatest artist to ever live, my creative spirit-animal, the wildly-creative, and award-winning writer/director, KT Curran: (message me if you want to get in touch with her for film, theatre, and video work, she’s the best in the industry):

I believe in the deepest pit of my gut that we all have a deeply powerful and compelling story to tell. 

Look. I was never someone who thought they would ever become a successful writer. My grades in high school were garbage. And while I always possessed the impulse to write — I did whatever I could to suppress those creative desires.

Displaced high school Zara captured by Barbara Banks.

Because I believed the lie. The lie that says: in order for us to be “good” writers we must emerge into the world with seamless academic track-records.

But here’s the truth. The truth is — is that regardless of your experience, if you have a voice inside of you that’s telling you to write. You must honor that voice and write. 

(So ecstatic that I finally honored my writing voice!)

Writers are the backbone of our culture. And our culture desperately needs NEW VOICES. 

Our culture needs your voice.

This is why I’m ecstatic to offer you customizable, one-on-one writing coaching, specifically designed to target *your* goals as a writer. 

So whether you’re looking to blog, write that memoir, start pitching editors at publications, level up your craft, fine-tune that book proposal or write a transfixing personal essay, I’ve got you.

And together we’re going to:

find your voice.

Voice is what makes your writing feel intimate. Voice is what connects you to your reader on the deepest level and makes them feel as if they know you.

Once you’ve cultivated a strong and unique voice, anything you write has the ability to captivate an audience. Whether it’s a short essay about your codependent relationship with your cat — or a book detailing your wild ride through the darkest depths of your past — voice is what brings your story to life. 

If you don’t have voice, you don’t have anything. On the contrary, if you do have voice — you have everything.

master the art of compelling story-telling.

We’re going to explore the power of engaging dialogue. I’m going to teach you how to make the characters in your story so raw and so human your reader can viscerally feel their presence sparkle on the page. 

And I’m going to give you the tools to kickstart your story with a sentence so gripping your reader is hooked in a heartbeat. And of course, I’m *also* going to teach you how to END your story with a punch in the gut so unexpected your reader will feel the burn of your words long after they’ve consumed them.

push through writer’s block & unlock your creative magic.

Writer’s block can feel paralyzing. But through unique exercises that will silence the negative voices screaming through your brain — we’re going to unlock the creative magic that’s been stewing inside of you.

And your creative magic is a force so powerful it will hammer smash through all the blocks that have been holding you back from reaching your potential. 

find your brand & market your work on social media.

Using images and music, we’re going to brand you as a writer in a way that feels one hundred percent authentic to who YOU ARE. You will leave my course with a deep understanding of how to market your work on social media, how to cultivate a relationship with your audience, how to attract the attention of an agent and how to generate buzz around your brilliant work — all while staying true to yourself and maintaining your integrity.

So stop putting it off. I know you’ve got words bursting through your body, words that are positively dying to spill themselves onto a blank page. Whatever your end goal is, allow me, to coach you through the process and together we’ll produce tangible results that will take your creativity, career and confidence to a whole different level.

Email me today to book your free consultation! zarabarrie@gmail.com

All participants of my workshop will receive a free, signed copy of my book: GIRL, STOP PASSING OUT IN YOUR MAKEUP: THE BAD GIRL’S GUIDE TO GETTING YOUR SH*T TOGETHER, along with the audiobook!

My debut book GIRL, STOP PASSING OUT IN YOUR MAKEUP: THE BAD GIRL’S GUIDE TO GETTING YOUR SH*T TOGETHER is available NOW on AmazonBarnes & NobleIndieBoundAUDIBLE, and BAM! If you send me a screenshot of your order, I’ll send you swag!

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