GirlZ, InterrupteD: A New Podcast For Crazy Sad Babes!

Hey BabeZ,

Guess what? It’s a new year and I’m teeming with f*cking CHEER.

Weren’t you like, DEPRESSED last week, Zara?

Yes, I was. I was indeed.


But not today, babes! Not only am I feeling so much better thanks to Lexapro (more on that later) — I’m also launching a project I’ve been brainstorming in my twisted little head for years

Ladies & Germs I’m beyond ~thrilled~ to announce the launch of your new ~favorite~ podcast: GirlZ InterrupteD.

A podcast for crazy bitches.

GirlZ interrupteD, a brand new mental health illness podcast will be hosted by notorious best friends and creative partners, Zara Barrie (yours truly + the author, GIRL, STOP PASSING OUT IN YOUR MAKEUP) and Dayna Troisi (Managing Editor, GO MAGAZINE), will be available across all major podcast platforms when midnight strikes on Saturday, January 24th.​

Lez get one thing straight. GirlZ interrupteD is *not* a wellness podcast. 

If you’re looking to learn how to meditate away your anxiety or be lectured on the extraordinary health benefits of sucking back green juices instead of SSRIs, GirlZ InterrupteD might not be your thing. (But you should download her anyway and let us convert you into the bad girl wellness lifestyle). 


If you’re a self-identified crazy bitch who is ready to deep dive into the harrowing and hilarious issues of depression, OCD, eating disorders, party girl pain, binge eating shame, self-medicating, blackouts, Adderall addiction, drinking anxiety, the eerie side effects of psychotropic drugs, and your paralyzing bouts of heart palpitations — welcome to the dark side. For Dayna Troisi and I are your people and this podcast is most definitely for you

Dayna + me reeking havoc on an innocent North Fork Winery.

Dayna has been my muse for years now.

She’s a badass bionic bitch from Long Island with a razor-sharp tongue and a Chanel bag soul. She loves her Prozac and her champagne and teaches poetry to college students whilst clad in latex pants. She was actually the first person to read my book (before it went to my editor at the publishing house). She also wrote this mind-blowing essay for The Crazy Sad Babes Club recently, which is *definitely* a CSBC must-read. We’re known for writing poems when we’re hammered at parties and they actually turn out pretty good.

It was due time we took our partnership to the next level and created GirlZ InterrupteD (inspired of course by our favorite mental illness movie: Girl, Interrupted).

And we’re here to let you know that no, babe, you’re not the only person who has blacked out and woken up next to your toxic ex whilst innocently mixing a new antidepressant with too many tequila shots! You’re not the only person who is still secretly haunted by the ~Ghost of Eating Disorders Past~ despite having feverishly read every “body-positive” think piece on the internet! You’re not the only one that is f*cking freaked out by the texture of tinfoil (shout-out to my fellow OCD warriors). And you’re definitely NOT the only one who wakes up in soaked sheets due to medically induced night sweats. We too have fallen down the stairs at a Michelin rated restaurant and had panic attacks on the subway in Ubers and sometimes find ourselves doubled over in un-politically correct laughter at the ~wicked darkness~ of it all.

Angie a crazy bitch muse.

Bottom line: We are f*cking crazy, medicated, and ready to party. I mean come on. We’re two of the most viral lesbian internet writers ever — so obviously you can trust us.

Whether we’re waxing poetic about the pacing of the dialogue in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, warning you about cocaine shits, or getting emotionally naked about trying to resuscitate long-dead eating disorders, we pretty promise to make you laugh through the pain. (And make you slightly uncomfortable). So take your meds (as prescribed, ALWAYS), pour a glass of Sauvignon Blanc (Kim Crawford is our go-to), put on your favorite matchy-matchy pajamas (we like these ones from Amazon), and join us every Saturday at midnight!

Now that you have GirlZ InterrupteD you’ll never EVER have to shame-spiral alone again!

 GirlZ InterrupteD will be available on Apple/iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart, TuneIn, Deezer, Player.FM, Pocket Cast, Podcast Addict, and everywhere else you listen to podcasts, dropping at midnight every Saturday.

We are so HONORED and EXCITED to share this with you. To be perfectly frank honey, if you’re the type of person that is easily offended and doesn’t take kindly to using comedy as a way to reclaim your deepest traumas or if you’re generally uncomfortable with uncomfortable topics — you will likely hate us. And that is okay! There are a million wellness podcasts out there that aren’t so, um, shall we say, f*cked up and raw?

I love you all and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Email us topics you’d like us to cover:

And in the meantime, GIRL, STOP PASSING OUT IN YOUR MAKEUP is available as an audiobook! Listen before our pod comes out on the 24th!

Click here to buy on audible!

My debut book GIRL, STOP PASSING OUT IN YOUR MAKEUP: THE BAD GIRL’S GUIDE TO GETTING YOUR SH*T TOGETHER is available NOW on AmazonBarnes & NobleIndieBoundAUDIBLE, and BAM! If you send me a screenshot of your order, I’ll send you swag!