CHANGED MY LIFE: Shaving My Face With A Tinkle Razor!

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This post is designed specifically for hairy bitches. Bitches like me. Bitches who were teased for their surplus of body hair for the entirety of their youth! 

Me as a damaged 18 year old. Captured by Owen Gould.

Look. I know, I know.

We’re living in a modern world.

By now I should’ve long adopted the attitude of an evolved Brooklyn Queer who proudly embraces their body hair and uploads pictures of their unkempt armpits on to Instagram.

But I’m here to live my truth. And my truth is this: I’m a repressed Manhattan Lesbian who is still reeling from the cruel burn of being called “APE” by a group of pre-pubescent greasy-faced fuckboys who were so ruthless, they ruined my eighth grade year.


(Said greasy fuckboys have most certainly evolved into mediocre adult fuckboy losers, but that doesn’t negate the damage that’s been done. Middle school trauma never fully leaves us, does it?).

But you know what? Even though I work hard to keep myself hairless and smooth like a baby seal, I’ve finally realized that hairy girls are the hottest girls.

I mean, a lot of natural beauty is directly connected to hairiness! A thick, plush mane. Well-endowed eyebrows. Long, luscious eyelashes.

I’m happy to shave my legs twice a day if it means I get to keep my Venus Flytrap eyelashes and caterpillar brows. 

At least SOMETHING came out of years of being teased: LASHES + BROWS.

That being said, I really don’t care for peach fuzz on my face. I don’t care for wiry chin hairs, either. I don’t pull off side-burns. And those dark hairs that blanket my upper-lip? It’s just really just not my thing, guys.

If it’s your thing, flaunt that shit. You’re a far better person than me, I’m sure.

But if you too, like your skin to look as smooth as moon — I have a hot tip. 

Ladies, gents, and everyone in- between, it’s time to start using the fucking tinkle. 


Allow me to describe this glorious, game-changing product that retails for under $5.00 for a pack of three. These tiny easter-egg colored Japanese style blades gently slough off all those little hairs that shack up on the faces of the hairy women around the world!

Not only that but the tinkle ~exfoliates~ the skin, ridding that pretty face of yours of not just hair — but of debris, dead skin cells, and excess oil.

After you “tinkle” (I wish it were called something else too) your skin will glow like the virgin sacrifice! My favorite part?

It changes the way your makeup lays on your face. Makeup sits gracefully when it rests upon a ~smooth~ surface. Makeup on a dirty, oily, fuzzy surface will separate and give you that dreaded patchy look — which is well…creepy.

But Zara will it make my hair grow back coarse and prickly?

Girl. No.

Would I, your trusty lesbian big sister ever recommend you a product that would do such thing?


I wouldn’t. Also, I can’t afford to have my facial hair grow back thicker than it already is. If my facial hair got any thicker I’d need weed-wackers to keep it under control. 

Let me explain how this razor works. The tinkle cuts the hair at an angle. It’s doesn’t have a blunt edge, like a traditional razor, which allows your hair to grow back silky-soft and prick-free. 

So how do shave my face with a tinkle?

I’m so glad you asked! I have cultivated a very specific tinkle routine. This routine isn’t baseless either, did you know I used to work in ~beauty~ before I became a writer and actor? For years. Your lesbian big sis has a past.

So here goes: 

STEP 1: Wash your face with a gentle cream or gel cleanser. 

You want to get your precious face nice and clean before you take a blade to it — but you also don’t want to use anything harsh that will strip your skin. That means: No scrubs, nothing with retinol, salicylic acid, micro-beads or fragrance.

STEP 2: Massage your face with a nice face oil. 

We all know what happens to our legs when we dry shave. It’s dark. It’s flaky. It’s stingy and itchy! Let’s not bestow that abuse upon our faces of all places.

I like to use grape-seed oil because it’s gentle, cheap, effective and can be purchased at your local Whole Foods/Organic Grocery store.


Use a liberal amount of oil (one good SQUEEZE should do) and massage your face. Circular motions, going upward, to increase blood flow and reduce puff (I have a whole piece on reducing puff in the face, FYI). Do this for about 30 seconds, and your skin will be nice and warmed up for its first tinkle shaving experience!


Make sure your skin has a good amount of oil still on it and take that tinkle to your face like the bad bitch you are. Gently sweep the blade upward. I start at my outer jawline and work my way across my whole face (nose included) and even use it to shape my brows, get rid of the baby hairs on my forehead and tame those sideburns (all Jewish girls have sideburns).


We have to wash all that dead skin and all those lil’ hairs off, you know? Again go gentle. Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser is perfect for this. 

Step 5: Pat skin dry and moisturize! 

Once your skin is dry you are free to moisturize! But use a gentle moisturizer, because anything with harsh ingredients in it WILL sting.  I like First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.


Now it’s time to bask in your glowy-smooth-clean-hairless-shiny-exfoliated complexion. Run your (clean) finger across your face. And thank Lana Del Rey for you lesbian big sis! 

I thought I’d indulge you all in this rare beauty moment because I feel like we all abuse our skin with booze, makeup, sleeping in makeup, smoke and shit food this time of year. And this, is a tried, true and CHEAP AF method of exfoliating the damage away. 

*If you’re skin is really sensitive I don’t recommend doing this without consulting a professional. Otherwise! Try at your own risk. You decide. You are a grown-up.


So. What are your favorite hairy girl hacks? Let me know in the comments! Or email me at:

And remember, HAIRY GIRLS ARE THE HOTTEST GIRLS. Write that shit on your bathroom mirror and tattoo it across your tortured soul. Purr.

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